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o       Time Management - With only minutes a day at the Stock Smart website, you will feel very comfortable about knowing what is actually happening in the market, and will be a better investor accordingly.

o       Better Answers - Stock Smart consistently presents the "right," high-quality answers, and provides better insights.

o       More Factual - Stock Smart is entirely fact-based, using numbers, not opinions, relationships, or conjecture, to present answers.

o       Better Quality Control - Stock Smart feeds are data-based in a self-contained system, in contrast to other financial portals that pull information from multiple sources. All calculations are made internally using Stock Smart's tested system of quality control and proprietary algorithms, to assure consistency and veracity for our investor audience.

o       Superior Portfolio - The Stock Smart Portfolio is superior to all others on quality and features / functions; a true transaction based system, with automatic updating for splits, corporate actions, mergers, and symbol changes. Learn more at "Portfolio Help."

o       Integrate Accounts - You can integrate multiple accounts, see Portfolio Analysis individually or aggregated for all Portfolios, observe real diversification exposure, and even calculate income tax with one click.

o       Easy to Use - Stock Smart's highly personalized interface helps you see and understand market dynamics, and the effects on your holdings, so you can better manage risk and seize opportunities.

o       Better Market Tracking - Stock Smart's unique intra-day market tracking of Companies and Industries and proprietary "Roll-up" feature, makes it easier to see patterns and respond to trends and market moving news than would otherwise be possible.

o       More Personalized. Set the Alerts to suit your interests. Set up your Portfolios as you'd like, then monitor individually or collectively. Choose your preferred accounting method. Download Portfolio's in your preferred format. When researching companies and industries, see the detail you prefer, either capturing the top line summaries, or drilling down for more detailed analysis. Try the Personalized sections.

o       More Breadth & Depth - Research Reports of 30-plus pages on over 4,000 companies.

o       More Current - Company Research Reports are dynamic, updating with each trading day, providing a simultaneous view. Industry tracking is also dynamic throughout the trading day.

o       Better Earnings Analysis - Know when a company's earnings leads their peer group, demonstrating superior performance, or when they are inferior. See the Earnings Snapshot to track and predict actual results, not just surprises.

o       Ratings and Earnings Analysis - Stock Smart's Ratings and Earnings Analysis are unique features that rank well above the competition, built by professionals for professionals, now available to individuals for the first time.

o       Better Integration - Ratings are integrated into the Portfolio and Alerts engines, and the Research Reports, for fast access and ease of use.

o       Industry Research and Earnings - Stock Smart allows you to focus on unique categories as preferred. For example, track Industry Research for Technology, Finance, Energy Retail or 22 others. Also see Industry Earnings for any of the 26 Industry groups and 116 SubIndustries, ranging from Biomed to Gold.

o       More Features - The Stock Selection and Portfolio Analysis services make the Ratings even easier to use, and more powerful.

o       More Small Cap's - Over 4,000 stocks are tracked by Stock Smart, from Small caps to Large caps, delivering analysis "live fire" throughout the market day, auto-identifying any unusual patterns to make for a complete and accurate picture.

o       Detailed Information - Stock Smart provides full, detailed information for all investors, those who want to follow the trend, or the contrarians who want to act on their own. Try the Stock Screener, and match your investment approach. Fine-tune with Peer Rankings.

o       Better Charting - See the Intraday graphs in particular, plus the Historical charts with Earnings, the Technical Analysis, and Industry Charting. All charts are interactive.

o       Dynamic Valuation - Stock Smart calculates Industry PE's on the fly to show relative and absolute valuation, and continually update the disparities. See which of the 4,000+ companies trade at a premium or discount to their actual peer group.

o       Tracking - Stock Smart provides better Quote tracking and better Market Tracking too - S&P 500, Dow, Nasdaq, NYSE, Amex.

o       Information on IPO's - over 2,000 IPO's have been listed since 1996. See how they really performed, and the batting average of the IPO Managers. Preview Upcoming IPO's.

o       Good Value - Stock Smart offers time savings and better quality, at a nominal subscription price - a cost-efficient way to better monitor your investments, stay knowledgeable and current about the markets, and assure your privacy while doing so.

o       Be a better investor - Let Stock Smart help you be a better investor, by helping create superior portfolio returns, identifying opportunities and risks, and making the process easier and more time efficient, even fun, for you.

o       Subscriber's site - All Stock Smart subscribers enjoy full access to Portfolio, Alerts, and Research Reports, with Ratings integrated into both the Portfolio and the Reports, plus the Earnings Analysis, at

o       Free site - Features available at the free site,, include Company Profiles, Industry Tracking, Market Tracking, Most Active, Charting, Technical Analysis, and Quotes.

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